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I live in a queer intentional community in Northern California — it’s a magical fairy paradise

Metro UK 02 Jun 2024
@gaybritishbear/Getty) ... I also get some really sad, sweet messages from older gay men like ‘I wish I’d known about this 40 years ago, now my teeth are rotting’ or like ‘I just grew up in the wrong time.’ That makes me really sad,’ Beau concludes ... ....

Finally! Those ‘Virgin River’ babies are born — over four years later

New York Post 04 Dec 2023
... belly you’ve been schlepping around Virgin River until the arrival of this two-part holiday episode on Netflix — so saccharine-sweet it could instantaneously rot one’s teeth.

You've Been Eating Advent Calendar Chocolate Wrong – And It's Ruining Your Teeth

Huffington Post 29 Nov 2023
Cracking into toffees and hard caramels or even a creme egg is not the way to go if you’re worried about the effects on your teeth — or if you’ve been told to chill when it comes to the sweet stuff.

The TJs Trio Takes Three: Flyby’s Fall 2023 Trader Joe’s Roundup

The Harvard Crimson 18 Oct 2023
A touch of sea salt cuts through the sugary sweetness so you can convince yourself that you’re definitely not giving yourself cavities ... The maple was mild and the marshmallows themselves were not rot-your-teeth-off sweet.

COLUMN: Taking a look at best and worst candy

Tahlequah Daily Press 16 Sep 2023
I had momentarily forgotten about Peeps, the scourge of the sweets world ... After Oct ... They serve no purpose ... I guess the best that can be said about other holidays that promote the consumption of teeth-rotting sweets is that they don’t tout candy corn ... .

To fridge or not to fridge? Ketchup company clears the air on how you should ...

Elko Daily Free Press 03 Jul 2023
"Too sweet, so syrupy ... In a three-way tie with 78 Brand and Hellmann's, French's Ketchup had notes of spice, tartness and, most obviously, sweetness ... But one naysayer thought French's was too sweet and wrote. "Can feel my teeth rotting." ... "Very sweet.

Jeon Do Yeon reveals her daughter's reaction to her on-screen romance in Crash Course in Romance

Pinkvilla 10 Mar 2023
Written by   .  Published on Mar 10, 2023   .  10.39 AM IST  .  3.8K ... Jeon Do Yeon’s daughter also added to her aforementioned statement that the show was so sweet that it was making her teeth rot. Jeon Do Yeon.

Renforshort: “This album is the honesty I needed to hear growing up as a young woman”

NME 04 Jul 2022
Sonically, it swings from grunge-inspired riffs that wouldn’t go amiss on Avril Lavigne’s seminal ‘Let Go’ (‘Moshpit’) to pop so sweet it could rot your teeth (‘Julian, King of Manhattan’), the ...

To be or jujube

Observer-Reporter 20 Jun 2022
You know how it is ... Old girlfriends. Crazy incidents from playing in bands together ... “Do they still make jujubes?” ... Perhaps this Revolutionary War-era sweet is what rotted George Washington’s teeth at Valley Forge, forcing him to wear false choppers ... ....
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